Services: Organic Transitional Verification Program

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The Transitional Organic Verification Program is designed to assist growers in developing an organic system plan that can substantiate their ability to maintain the integrity of their organic operation. The goal of the program is to insure a smooth transition from conventional farming to organic in alignment with the National Organic Program (NOP) requirements.

This program includes grower assistance in the following areas:

  • Verification of land history
  • Organic Seed sourcing
  • Soil Fertility requirements
  • Water quality issues
  • Prevention of cross contamination –Notifications to others
  • Comingling & contamination prevention, employee training
  • Monitoring practices
  • Cultural activities
  • Equipment requirements
  • Use of allowed materials
  • Product trace back

ASCO will provide all regulatory information to ensure your understanding of organic requirements of the NOP. Additionally, ASCO will provide all necessary forms to assist you in documenting the farming activities of your organic operation as required in the various areas listed above.