USDA Accredited ISO 65 Certified

Welcome to ASCO

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Welcome to Agricultural Services Certified Organic (ASCO), organic certification specialists. We are accredited by the USDA-National Organic Program to certify operations who wish to market their products as organic in the following areas: Crop Production, Handler/Processor, Livestock and Wild Crops.

We provide continuing education and skilled guidance for our clients.  Attention to detail and personal service with integrity are commitments at ASCO. We further aide our certified clients by advocating for laws and policies that advance organic agriculture through active memberships in associations and committees.

Join the ASCO team and let us give you the proven ASCO advantage for your organic certification needs.

In December of 2000 the USDA adopted regulations establishing the National Organic Program (NOP). These regulations require that persons selling products labeled as “organic” shall comply with these standards. Agricultural Services Certified Organic (ASCO) has been authorized by the NOP to certify those who wish to market their products as “organic”. ASCO will meet with prospective clients and provide orientation and guide them through the process of organic certification.